GV-Data Capture

Input RS-232 from POS DB9 Female
Parallel Port from POS DB25 Male
Output RS-232 to Printer DB9 Male
Parallel Port to Printer DB25 Female
RS-232 Port to DVR DB9 Female
RS-485+ Connect to GV-NET RS-485+
RS-485- Connect to GV-NET RS-485-
Communication RS-232 from POS 1,200bps ~ 115,200bps
Parallel port from POS SPP / Normal
RS-232 to DVR 1,200bps ~ 115,200bps
RS-485 to GV-NET or GV-NET Card 1,200bps ~ 19,200bps
DC IN Power Adapter DC 5V, 2A Inner Positive
Operation temperature 0 ~ 50 degree C
Humidity 5% ~ 95% (non - condensing)
Dimensions 161 (W) x 34 (H) x 123 (D) mm