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GV PowerEye TM is your complete source for digital surveillance and IP based video security products. We have the most comprehensive range of digital surveillance equipment and accessories catering to dealers, security professionals, and hobbyists. Our focus is on bridging the gap between traditional CCTV and IT based video security networks.

The GV R2000 as shown below uses an array of long range active infrared beans to create an invisible security barrier around a protected site, ensuring intruders are detected the instant they even attempt to enter the secure area. The aesthetics of the protected sites are not affected whilst a discreet yet effective security shield is maintained. GV R2000 has as installed range of up to 150 meters between towers, allowing aperture ranging from a few meters to perimeters of many kilometers to be effectively protected.

GV i-ACIDS® CCTV Surveillance System

GV R2000 Perimeter security system